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Surf’s up and away!

Mr Franklin, a former teacher at St Michael’s, founded a charity, ‘City Kids Surfing’ in 2016. City Kids Surfing was born when it was realised that many city children were missing out on opportunities to learn to surf and fall in love with the ocean. Seeing this, prompted a joining with a local surf brand, ‘Finisterre’ to change this for many city children.

Since then, we have had the opportunity to offer children the chance to participate in ocean discovery and surf adventure with City Kids Surfing. The latest adventure began today with the children travelling to Devon where they will be staying until Monday 27th June.

The children were off to a very early start today, meeting at school at 5am. The excitement was palpable.

On arrival in Devon, the children happily met with another school taking part in this ocean surf adventure and all headed to the beach. There is no better icebreaker at 10 and 11 years old than a splash around in the sea.

After this, the children had lunch at the beach, played football and rounders and went to the park.

After a busy day at the beach, the children got to settle in to their place and explore. They enjoyed playing a variety of games, especially playing on the pool table.

After a great dinner time, the children then had the opportunity to meet professional surfer Sandy Kerr. He shared his story of how he became a surfer and all the places he has travelled to.

He gave everyone a special gift bag and all were given some amazing T-shirts. The children can’t wait to hit the beach with him tomorrow!

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