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fossils, fossils everywhere

We have been learning about fossils and how they are formed over millions of years! Our class chose to fossilise some of their favourite toys and objects including shells, LEGO bricks and keyrings.

As part of our English and Topic work, we followed a set of instructions to make our own plaster fossils.We had to read the instructions very carefully to make sure we did everything correctly and in the right order.

We then wrote our own version aimed at other children. This meant we needed to think carefully about the langauge we used and how clearly the steps were explained.

We decided to add in some ‘Notes of Warning’ to our instructions as our plaster hardened a lot faster than we were expecting!

First, we used clay and filled paint pots and plastic containers with it.

Next, we pressed our toys and shells into the clay to make an imprint.

Then, we mixed plaster of paris and poured it into the moulds.

Finally, we waited overnight for our fossils to dry and unearthed them!

Our instructions definitely worked, now others can have a go.

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