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We ARE back!

It was fantastic to welcome all our St Michael’s children back on Monday. We have missed you so much and it’s so good to have all of you at school, safe and well. Many have already shared their lockdown stories with adults and peers and there will be many more opportunities to discuss our experiences with each other.

The children who have been at home are excited to be learning in class again and the children who have been in school during lockdown are so happy to have their friends back.

Here are some quotes from the children:

So good to be back for yummy school dinners and learning.”

“I woke up my parents very early, as I was so excited to be going back to school!”

“Great to be back as I can see my friends again”

” I am soooooo happy to be back at school!”

“It is lovely to have all children back and be at the front of the class again.”

We have said, from the start of the first lockdown, that “this too shall pass’ and it looks like we are actually, slowly but surely, heading towards that place – the end of the pandemic!

The school felt very empty without all our children in the building and therefore the end of this recent lockdown has been a memorable moment which we treasure!

Let us continue on our learning journey in school and appreciate and be proud of the fact that we have been part of history! It will certainly be tale to tell our children and grandchildren!

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