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set in stone

Year 3 were exploring some key symbols in Christianity. The children learned about the dove, the cross and the Ichthus (also spelt Ichthys and known as the ‘fish’) symbols.

The dove is a symbol of peace and of the Holy Spirit being with Christians today. The cross reminds Christians that Jesus died on a cross to show his love for all humanity. The Ichthus symbol was a secret code between Christians.

Christians would draw the Ichthus symbol in the mud or on the walls to communicate that they were Christians to each other without the Romans realising. The Romans at that time were ill-treating Christians because of their beliefs.

Year 3 chose one of the three symbols and explained why they had chosen it. They also designed a picture which incorporated their chosen symbol. These designs were re-created on a stone.

Year 3 also sent a HUGE thank you to Sue Cable, who supplied all the stones for the children to use. To show their appreciation they all signed a card which was made by the talented Ms Reid.

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