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The busy life of an elf!

Year 2 could not believe their eyes this morning… an elf made his appearance in class!  Only last week Ms Aldridge told the children that she had a funny feeling that this year an elf might be coming St Michael’s way, and low and behold, he did!  Unfortunately he has been up to no good, making a mess on their brand new expensive carpet.  Luckily Ms Aldridge came in early and had enough time to pick up the litter before the children arrived, so that they could enjoy their new carpet without rubbish strewn all over it.  Goodness me, what a naughty elf!

The letter from the elf says that he has come to Year 2 to learn, play and have lots of fun… but that they must NEVER move him, as he might lose his magic.  So let’s see if Year 2 can stick to the rule – no one is to touch Elfie!

Tuesday….day 2

This naughty elf is seriously up to mischief.  This morning he was caught climbing up the projector!  No one could take him down, as he may not be touched or he will lose his magic, so let’s just hope he finds his way down tonight.  We did ask Mr Moger to leave out the ladder in case he needs it…

Wednesday…Day 3

To the astonishment of all the staff and children, not only did Elfie get his way down the projector, two of his friends arrived in Reception and Year 1.  Let’s hope they behave themselves better than Elfie in Year 2!

Thursday… Day 4

The elves in the infants are certainly keeping themselves busy at night, playing with the toys in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2… at least it is good to see that they can spell Good Morning with no spelling mistakes!

week 2

The elf in year 2 is certainly a busy elf at night!  Every day we find him in a new place… yesterday he was trying to do Big Maths Beat That.  Goodness me!

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