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In Geography, as part of our whole school theme of ’Seven Worlds, One Planet’, Year 5 are studying the continent of Africa and in particular the country Kenya. Our learning journey includes using maps, atlases and globes to focus on key physical and human characteristics, countries and major cities. 

We kick-started our learning by using an atlas to help us label the countries in Africa.  Did you know that Africa occupies 20.2% of the earth’s land?


We wanted to create an enormous map of Africa and to complete this activity successfully, it was important to work well as a team. By cutting out the countries, we familiarised ourselves with the shapes of the different countries. We then arranged the shapes that represented the countries of Africa to fit together on a map, learning which countries borders each other. Finally, we displayed our maps in the corridor for the children from other year groups to learn what Africa and its countries look like on a map.

Here we are in action putting together some enormous Africa maps.


We continued our learning with research into some of the rivers and lakes found in Africa.

Did you know that the water in Lake Retba is fit for swimming and also fit for human consumption?

Did you know that Africa is home to the largest reptile in the world, the Nile Crocodile?

Read on to find out more facts.

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