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STM Timestable Challenge

Following our very successful Battle of the Books, we are launching a new initiative:  STM Timestable Challenge.

By the end of Year 4, the children should know ALL their timestables, but our experience is that it is not always the case.   Memorising tables are non-negotiable basic building blocks which makes it far quicker and easier for children to work out maths problems in their heads. It can also help to develop the ability to internally add, subtract and divide!

At St Michael’s we teach the timestables as follows:

Year 2:   x10 (Autumn);  x5 (Spring);  x2 (Summer)

Year 3:  x3 (Autumn);   x4 (Spring);   x8 (Summer)

Year 4:  x6 (Autumn);   x11 (Spring);  x12 (Summer)

Of course we do not limit the children with this schedule and the sooner they know their timestables, the better, hence our challenge!

We try and encourage children to see the links, for example if they already know x2 and x5 then when they learn the x4 timestables, they should be able to recall 2 x 4 or 5 x 4, as that is nothing new.

There are many timestables app that children can use to help them learn their timestable, for example the DK app is free of charge and makes the learning of timestables more fun.

In school, all the children will receive an individual ‘multiplication tables record of achievement’ card and they can earn a bronze, silver and gold stickers for every time they correctly recall each of the timestables.  They will get a certificate in assembly once they have successfully completed their chart.

Good luck everyone!

Example of what the infant chart looks like

 Example of what the junior chart looks like

We did not want to leave our Reception – so here is an example of what the Reception chart looks like

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