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What will your child be learning?


This term we will be reading ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ by John Boyne which is a recommended text for Year 6. It is a powerful text which will develop comprehension skills and provide great stimulus for writing; all of the writing will focus on revising and using the writing skills that the children will need this year for their SATs and writing for real life.

The children will be writing a range of genres including a biography, narrative and information texts.


The children will continue to develop their numeracy skills, including mental maths skills, through our CLIC programme and will focus on: times tables, counting, using and applying their knowledge of maths operations (+, -, x and ÷). This term we will revisit formal written methods for the four operations; the children need to be secure in the use of these methods as they will be assessed on this as part of the new format for year 6 SATs in May. A high focus is also placed on applying their skills in word problems and investigations.


History:  This term the children will be learning about ‘World War II’ – key individuals and countries involved and the important facts about the Holocaust.  It is important for children to develop their understanding of how past events have helped to shape the world we know today. For a memorable experience, the children will be visiting the Imperial War museum on the 30th of January.

Science: The topic this term is ‘Evolution and Inheritance’.  We want the children to learn about variation and adaptation and examine the scientific evidence from plants and animals that has been gathered to support the theory of evolution.

Religious Education:  This half term the children will learn about Creation Stories in the Jewish, Hindu and Sikh religions and how it compares to what the Christians believe. After half term the focus is on ‘Easter – The crucifixion’. 

At St Michael’s we have 7 school values and each half term we focus on one of our values in more depth – this half term we will discuss the value of Hope, and after February half term it will be the value of Resilience.

PE  is on Fridays afternoons and this term our focus is on Gymnastics and Invasion Games. If your child has a school tracksuit, they may wear their tracksuit over PE clothes to school on a Fridays.

Art & DT: In addition to art work the children will be doing in class, we also do termly ‘whole school art project’ at St Michael’s and this term our topic will be ‘Sculpture’.  We also have a Design and Technology project around food technology planned for after half term, which will be super exciting!

Music: We use the Charanga scheme of work to teach music. In addition to our music lessons, the children also enjoy singing in our collective worships.

Computing: Our children are growing up in a digital world and in the Autumn Term the children were learning about online safety.  It is important that parents monitor the content that children are accessing on the digital devices at home to ensure it is age appropriate. Also, please continue to remind them of how they can keep themselves safe online. NetAware has a great website which offers parents expert advice on the top apps, sites and games children are using as well as advice how to set up parental controls.

This term in computing the children will learn about website design – they will explore the features and layout of a web page and will create their own, which will include images, text and hyperlinks.  The children will also learn about spreadsheets – they will practise skills in formatting and entering formulas and will design their own spreadsheet for a specific purpose.

Modern Foreign Language:  Research has shown that learning a second language has cognitive benefits and that learning another language gives children a new perspective on the world, encouraging them to understand their own cultures and of others. In Key Stage 2, at St Michael’s, we are teaching French and we are using resources to ensure that the learning of French is easy and fun!

Let’s Talk:  At St Michael’s we have designed a ‘Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit’ curriculum and we deliver our teaching in what we call a ‘Let’s Talk’ session once a week. The theme for this term is ‘Very Important People’ (VIPs) in the children’s lives and the ways in which they can develop positive relationships with them.


Mathletics and spellings will be set on a Monday and should be completed by the end of the week. Spellings will be tested on a Friday so please support your child to learn them.

Please continue to encourage your child to read daily at home and talk to them about what they are reading. Reading logs should be signed by an adult.

The children will be given weekly reading comprehension on a Tuesday, which must be completed and returned to school by the following Monday.

This term we will also be sending home arithmetic tests on a Thursday and the children will have a full week to complete this. Please allow 30 minutes for your child to complete these tests, which will improve their calculation skills and will help to prepare them for their SATs.

Final message

The children have already made a great start to the term. Please continue to encourage your child to focus, work hard and enjoy the learning opportunities so that they are ready for their SATs in May and for their move to secondary school.
And finally…
…if you would like to speak to me, for any reason, please either come to see me after school, or leave a message with the office.

Thank you for your continued support,
Mrs Johnson and Mrs Burrows

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