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No water, no life, no blue, no green…

Year 5s have been learning about ‘Water’ as a scarce resource in Geography.  In this lesson, they were learning about why and how drinking water is cleaned.

The children watched a video showing the processes involved in getting water from a reservoir to clean drinking water in the taps in our houses. The class then tried to replicate the process using large stones, medium sized pebbles, gravel, fine sand, ‘sewage’ (dirty water mixed with twigs and leaves), a funnel, filter paper and a beaker. Although the filtered water was impressively clean looking than the muddy water that was used, it was decided that it was still not safe at all to drink as it still had a lot of harmful bacteria which we couldn’t see. The water has to be cleaned thoroughly and this would include some chemical processing. Here are some examples of their drawings from the class investigation.


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