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Before I leave Primary

We set ourselves a task to find out which fifty things the children will like to have accomplished before they transition to secondary school. This list began its journey last academic year and we have tried to incorporate as many ideas given. The list is being redefined, but we are being very clear to focus on the ideas children raised.

Please see the list the children have created, some of which have been accomplished. Many of these suggestions are already in place at school, although maybe not for each year group. Others we are working on building into our abundance. Some may not be able to be accomplished unless we use VR technology!

Here is the list created so far:

Take part in an art club

Whole school show and tell


Take part in a drama club

Invent a new game

Try new foods

Learn how to do a backflip

Attend clubs

Be more Eco-friendly

Sing to people in a nursing home

Visit an Art museum



Musical theatre

Singing Club





Piano club

Trip to Buckingham Palace

Table tennis


Visit waterfall

Play football

Class pet

Water park

Attend a football match

Horse riding

Matilda the musical



Learn how to ballroom dance

Dance classes

What would you add? Let us know via:

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