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Thank you God for our Special People!

As part of our RE curriculum topic of ‘Special People’, the children have been talking about our key question: ‘what makes people special?’ We have been exploring this through discussion and stories, as well other curriculum areas such as Literacy and Expressive Art and Design.

Books we have explored…

Some special writing…

The children have been talking about their families and the people that are special to them.

Creating our Special People…

Oliver’s Vegetables

We have been exploring the story Oliver’s Vegetables during Literacy, but we have also made links to our Harvest Festival. God provided Oliver and his Grandad with the land and seeds for more fruit and vegetables to be grown – and this makes God special!

This story allowed the children to talk about the different fruits and vegetables that grew in Grandad’s garden, and can you believe Oliver and Grandad sent some beetroot, spinach and rhubarb from their garden to try for ourselves!

Giving thanks through prayer

As part of our Christian distinctiveness, the children say a prayer everyday before lunch to give thanks to God for providing us with our food and for those that cook for us.

Dear Lord

Thank you for the food that we are about to share in your honour,

Thank you for the hands that made it,


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