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Winds of Change…..and a Birthday!

Tuesday 11th June and the school gathered in church to celebrate Pentecost and the gift of the Holy Spirit with one of our bi-annual Eucharists.

We learnt that this invisible force made a dramatic change in the lives of Jesus’ apostles changing them from being anxious and meeting in relative secrecy to being confident and full of joy, going out to spread the Good News of Jesus and what had been achieved by his death and resurrection. The disciples had experienced what the Bible describes as a noise like a strong blowing wind and had seen flames of fire hovering over the heads of each of them. The effect was dramatic; not only were their fears calmed and they felt happy but now they could speak in so many languages that everyone from any place could understand them.

Deacon David drove a radio-controlled car into church to demonstrate that just because we cannot see something (i.e. the radio waves controlling the car and the electricity in its batteries) we can see the effect and know that it exists. The Holy Spirit is just like that. We cannot see it but Christians know it and experience its effect on their lives.

The coming of the Holy Spirit, given to the disciples, just as Jesus had promised enabled them to go out and do what Jesus had instructed, “to make followers of all people in the world and to baptise them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28.v19). This was the start of the Christian church – its birthday and what do you normally have on a birthday but Birthday Cake and, sure enough, Mrs Jempson arrived on cue with a cake topped with a burning candle…..and guess what? After the service there was cake for all the children back in the playground. Happy Pentecost everyone!

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