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My future is so bright, I need to wear shades

What a fantastic ‘My future is so bright I need to wear shades’ did we have! It was a joy to see them dressing up and wearing their shades expressing their dreams. We had an artist, baker, vet, horse rider, fire fighters, skier, nurse, teachers, gym instructor, soldier, and even a NASA scientist, plus many more! It truly was an inspirational day for them and we have enjoyed sharing their dreams and aspirations just as much as they have.

Reception and Year 1 had a special visit from local firefighter and parent, Dan. The children asked some excellent questions and learnt so much about his role and experiences. The children were so engaged and excited that some now want to be a fire fighter when they get older, so thank you Dan for giving up your time to come to speak to us, and being a real inspiration to our children and adults alike!

The children had a lot of question for Mr Styles, who is an aviation officer.  He made it fun by getting the children to role play his job.  He explained that part of his job was keeping people safe when they travel.  As a result of his job, he has traveled to many different place because of his job using the globe in our classroom.

Mr Bentil Mensah was an architect who explained to the children what he does on a day to day basis.  He demonstrated a time-lapse clip of one chapel in his company, built two years ago.

“Out of all the people that came, I liked the architect the most, because he said you can make houses and other big structures.  I will to be a footballer, but if not, I want to be an architect. 

“I enjoyed listening to the politician, because they get to pick where your house is.  It inspired me to be a counselor, because then I can help people find houses, so that they are not homeless.  I like helping people, I don’t like seeing people upset.” 

“I liked the aviation officer because he let us have fun.  He said you get to press 3 red buttons, which means you are too high, or 3 white buttons, which means you are too low, when you are flying.”

In Year 5, Ms Chambers, an accommodation officer, Mr Liston, MRI imaging specialist and lecturer at UCL and Ms McDowell-Haastrap, a physiotherapist spoke to the children.  Here are some of their comments about the day:

“What I enjoyed the most about ‘My Future is Bright’ day is when different parents came into class to talk to us about their jobs and took their time to answer our important questions.  Thank you to all the parents who took their time from work to come and give us amazing and excellent ideas for jobs.”

“My future is bright day taught me never to give up.  To just try, try, try and I will reach my goal.”

“I learnt that everything is possible and that you can do whatever you want to do whether you are a boy or a girl, small or big, that your future is bright.”

“I enjoyed that we got to wear our own sunglasses.  We had word packs and a lot of fun the whole entire day! I was glad the teachers planned this day. I was glad that we heard and learnt about different jobs.  It was so much fun that everyone could dress up for what they wanted to be.”

“I learnt about different jobs and writing a C.V. We got to dress up as the person we would like to be when we grow up.  There was also a special guest – a Councillor – who spoke to us in assembly.”

“What I enjoyed about ‘My Future is Bright’ day is that we got to hear how some adults got their jobs. I learnt that sometimes you have a few twists and turns on the way to find your dream job.”

Year 6 were visited by an Investor Relations Principal for a Private Equity and Venture Capital Firm, a Physiotherapist and the CEO of an online business who shared information about their journey (and some of the challenges) which lead to their chosen careers, and what their roles involve. The children were totally engaged and inspired by their stories.

“I found all the visitor’ stories inspiring.  I will now stick to my dream, even if someone says no.  When they told their story I felt like I understood it.”

“I felt very inspired.  They told us that you can learn more from failure than success.  The visitors inspired me to keep going and never to give up.  Whatever you do, do it well!”

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