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Funfair physics trip

“What I enjoyed the most was the paratrooper – and the bumper car was also an amazing experience.   I have never been to a funfair!”

We really enjoyed this trip as we learnt new things about forces, but in a more enjoyable and a fun way – by going on different rides and learning the different forces, which are included in these many fun rides.  I particularly enjoyed the paratrooper – it was unreal!

I loved the paratrooper because I love heights.  I really loved the trip.​

The school trip to funfair physics was incredible! All of the rides were so much fun!  I also liked the fact that we were learning about the forces that were being applied to the rides.  This was probably the best school trip ever! (apart from the fact that it was raining)

In my trip to the funfair, I really saw forces in motion.   I really enjoyed it and it was a great opportunity.

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