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Happy Mother’s Day

What a fantastic Mother’s Day morning we have had! Thank you to all the parents who came and thank you to the staff and children of the infants for bringing such joy to the morning.

We really appreciate the positive feedback from parents.  Thank you for showing your support and appreciation.

Some of the comments from parents:

“Beautiful to see what they all thought, very emotional!!”

“Superbly funny & heartfelt.  Bunch of cuties.”

“Tear jerking!”

“As a mother of one child with complex SEN, it is not often I experience many of the more traditional aspects of motherhood.  This was so lovely and meaningful.  Thank you for the effort.”

“Brilliant school.  Well done Infants and staff!”

“It was so lovely (and hilarious) leaving the thoughts and feelings of our children about their mums.  Thank you!”

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