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It is heart-breaking to hear of all the knife crime attacks in the news, not least because our community has been directly affected by this pointless violence.

We have therefore taken up the opportunity to invite the Sydenham Police Ward to come and talk to our Year 5 and Year 6 children about the law surrounding knives and the repercussions if they are found in possession of a knife.  As part of the session, Collette Hunter, the mother of James Hunter who was stabbed and murdered almost 5 years ago, will speak to the children from her personal point of view as a victim.

Here is some feedback from Year 6

“It was brilliant and also useful because of the lessons about knife crime, which is important so that young people don’t get into gangs and start to kill.  It made me feel sorry for the people who have died because they were in gangs.  It was good to do knife crime in a funny but serious way for us to understand.”

“The workshop was really useful because Collette taught us how to stay calm in a bad situation.  I loved the fact that a mother whose son was stabbed could talk to us about something very emotional.  I felt upset because our world is being affected by knives.”

“I feel very emotionally affected by Collette’s tragic story.  It made me thing about the consequences of knife crime.  I felt like a part of my heart was damaged.  Collette is an extraordinary woman with an amazing story.”

Feedback from Year 5:

I thought the knife crime talk was very good because we already knew that knives are bad, however the talk made us think about it in more depth and we will be less likely to carry knives in the future. First we heard from the policeman who told us what it was like when they arrest people who carry knives.  We also heard from the lady who had lost her son to knife crime and the impact it had, that proved just how serious the result of knife crime could be.

This was a great experience.  I can’t believe that Collette had lost a child, yet she rose above that and still has an amazing positive energy, as if nothing had ever happened.  I have learnt so many important things from that workshop, including to never take bullies seriously.  I know why I should never carry a knife and why not to get involved with gangs.  Also, the workshop was really fun and energetic.  I really recommend these workshops.   

It was a very important experience for later life, telling us all the dangerous situations we could get in for carrying a knife.  The workshop also highlighted that we must be careful who we make friends with and to make sure if one of our friends asks us to carry their knife, we must stand up for ourselves and say no.  It also talked about if someone tells us to give them a phone and wallet and they have a knife, we must say yes because a phone can be replaced, but our lives cannot be replace.  The saddest part for me was when the woman talked to us about how she lost her son in knife crime.  She said her son’s friend was going to be stabbed, but he was brave enough to stand in the way and sacrifice himself for his best friend instead of watching him die. 






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